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Welcome to Creative Findings

Creative Findings is a manufacturer and an import/export management company whose original focus was jewelry and consumer related items. Nearly 60 years later, the company has grown and expanded in scope. More

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Our capabilities Include:
CAD/CAM(computer aided design and manufacturing)
New items welcomed-prototype provided prior to production.
Production in base and precious metals using power press,transfer press,four slide,screw machine,lost
wax casting,white metal casting,pewter casting,laser engraving,assembly,and finishing.
We often "attach this to that" and "make it this way instead of that"
The vast majority of our items are Made in USA. We hope to hear from you !!


Cory Tool:

Cory Tool had over 50 years of USA made specialty jewelry manufacturing with a high quality competitively priced line.


Kraemer Findings:

Kraemer was a third generation manufacturer of rolled edge settings, wire formings and stampings.


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